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Electronics is a branch of physics concerned with the design of circuits and the study of electrons under a variety of conditions. Electronics also describes the field of Electrical Engineering and the design, function, and utilization of electronic devices and systems. The Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE) Department has a rich tradition in research and teaching. One of the earliest electronic inventions was the vacuum tube, a discovery that would revolutionize the modern would and give way to photography, radio, television, and long-distance telephony.

Today, from smart phones to laptops, electronics engineering technology has come to dominate our daily lives, making electrical engineering, and electrical power engineering, which deals primarily with the transmission of electrical power, continually growing fields. The field of electronics is vast and offers countless opportunities a diverse set of online learning tools are available today; enabling would-be students to think beyond electronics engineering books, and enroll in an interactive and engaging electronics course online. Whether in the development of sophisticated systems of artificial intelligence or in designing the latest iPhone, the study of electronics can lead to a rewarding and lucrative career. Electronics & Communication Engineering deals with the electronic devices, circuits, communication equipments like transmitter, receiver, integrated circuits (IC). It also deals with basic electronics, analog and digital transmission & reception of data, voice and diveo (Example AM, FM, DTH), microprocessors, satellite communication, microwave engineering, antennae and wave progression. It aims to deepen the knowledge and skills of the students on the basic concepts and theories that will equip them in their professional work involving analysis, systems implementation, operation, production, and maintenance of the various applications in the field of Electronics and Communications Engineering.

All of the applications which make our life easier and enjoyable such as Television, Radio, Computers, and Mobiles etc. are designed and developed bye Electronics and Communication Engineers. Design and maintain satellites, which bring TV, telephone and Internet service into remote and rural regions. Electronics and Communication Engineering" is one of the fastest growing fields of engineering courses. It involves the transmission of information across the channel.