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Mechanical Engineering has its roots in the industrial revolution with the advent of the steam engine, automated manufacturing. It is the branch of engineering that involves the production and usage of heat and mechanical power for the design, production, and operation of machines and tools. Mechanical engineering is the study, design, development, construction, and testing of mechanical and thermal sensors and devices, including tools, engines, and machines. Mechanical engineering careers center on creating technologies to meet a wide range of human needs. Mechanical engineering subjects include automobile engineering, manufacturing engineering, power plant engineering, thermal engineering and mechatronics engineering (which is a combination of electrical, computer, and mechanical engineering).

Simply speaking, mechanical engineering deals with anything that moves, from the tiniest micro-particle to the largest spacecraft, and even the numan body--one of our most complex machines. It is the broadest of all engineering disciplines, and interdisciplinary work is key to this department's success. Mechanical engineers use their knowledge of materials, design and manufacturing to advance the world around us. We design and create everything from micro-sensors, medicaldevices, computers and car engines to robots, cook stoves, sports equipment and airplanes.

The engineering field requires an understanding of core concepts including mechanics, kinematics, thermodynamics, materials science, and structural analysis. Mechanical engineers use these core principles along with tools like computer-adided engineering and product lifecycle managenent to design and analyze manufacturing plants, industrial equipment and machinery, heating and cooling systems, transport systems, aircraft, watercraft, robotics, medical devices and more.

Mechanical Engineering science emerged in the 19th century as a result of developments in the field of physics. A course in mechanical engineering makes a student gain knowledge and experience in the designing of electric motors, automobiles, aircrafts and other heavy vehicles. Mechanical engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, and manufacturing.